Thursday May 2, 2024

To all epicureans, let's get together for an exceptional evening of wine and chocolate tasting!

Featured events

Jazz Performance

Thursday April 11, 2024

Great Jazz Quartet

A very authenthic jazz quartet: a declaration of love to nature and all forms of life.
Pianist and singer Thierry Girault presents a new, highly authentic jazz album, accompanied by Laurent on saxophone, Simon on double bass and Thibaud on drums.

Distill & Sound

Thursday May 16, 2024

Distill & Sound - Secret address

Take a behind-the-scenes look at a local distillery and meets its founder.
Discover the "Distillerie du Saint-Esprit" in Annecy and its products: pastis, malt and gin. An unforgettable encounter with a true local character and his heritage.

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Meet people from all around the world and participate to multicultural events, special offers and more.


CHâteau du père noël

We had the chance to enjoy a private tour of Menthon-Saint-Bernard castle and to be part of their christmas festivities: craft market, bars and restaurants, ice rink, children's activities, Santa Claus, concerts and entertainment...


The most recent event, and not just any... The official launch of the club, its functioning, and its calendar were presented to our dear international friends. Thanks again for this nice evening!


What a pleasant celebration! This event was such a nice way to link everyone with this new home country. Again good food was of course part of this gathering but we can't help it it's part of the Club DNA.


We called together families to enjoy brunch on a Sunday morning. While the children were socializing with their own means of communication (cartwheels, drawings, signs...), adults were sharing their journeys and meeting others with similar situations.

Women lunch

A simple and intimate first "rendez-vous" in one of the club's top addresses. Installed in a confidential space this lunch was the opportunity to get to know each other, and share experiences and tips.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have you on board. Our mission at the core of this initiative is to bring people together through exciting themed events throughout the year. Our aim is simple: to introduce you to the beauty of our region, help you integrate seamlessly into our vibrant community and identify local service providers to meet your needs.
ALPINA SWEET LIFE is more than just a collection of events; it’s a close-knit community founded on values we hold dear, like the joy of gathering, the joy of sharing, celebrating our diverse backgrounds, fostering meaningful connections, nurturing curiosity, and a deep appreciation for our beautiful region and its rich Haut Savoyard heritage.
We invite you to be a part of this exciting concept—an international social club open to newcomers, returning French nationals, established foreign residents, and locals alike. Our focus is on exploring multiculturalism and immersing ourselves in the essence of our region.