Who we are

The ALPINA SWEET LIFE Spirit & its Story

Because we have had the incredible opportunity to travel, to move around, to experience professional and personal mobility both within our region and abroad, because we have ventured out to meet others and immerse ourselves in their cultural societies, we have embraced the richness of cultural diversity!

And for this shared curiosity to evolve into a successful life experience, we had to integrate ourselves each time, and since our arrival, we have truly become High Savoyards at heart!

Beyond sharing our incredible experiences and our passion for human relationships, Alpina Sweet Life is above all a contribution to promoting the successful integration of all!

Our deep dream, our aspiration, our daily motivation is that your integration into your new environment is a complete success! More broadly, we strive for rapid success in integration for all!

To make this happen, we make every effort to assist you in achieving what is necessary for your integration! This includes understanding the local language components and, most importantly, discovering our magnificent region: its cuisine, its history, its geography, and its culture. We also provide you with our contact book of experts who can meet your wishes and needs!

We believe that we should all have the keys and secrets to successful local integration!

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We question the notion that it is more challenging to integrate because you are foreign or returning from abroad and things have changed. We believe it is possible to overcome these barriers. The way we challenge this status quo is by providing opportunities for networking, sharing experiences, and offering quality services. We offer our skills, our network, and guidance to contribute to your successful integration.

We happen to organize excellent moments of conviviality and sharing, as well as offer expert advice, our top recommendations, and contacts for our best providers. Do you want to share good times together and let us guide you in becoming true High Savoyards?


The Harmony-Driven Leader

Alexia leads our event management team with a focus on creating a stress-free and collaborative environment. Her exceptional communication, empathy, and problem-solving skills help us work seamlessly.


The Logistics Maestro

Nico excels in time management and meticulous planning, orchestrating every detail for flawless execution. His skill in meeting tight deadlines and efficient problem-solving ensures the success of every event.


The Communication Virtuoso

Lucie is our communication expert, skillfully connecting with clients, suppliers, and participants. Her clear, empathetic communication ensures mutual understanding and personalized, engaging experiences.


The Creative Apprentice

Lara is our young creative talent, injecting fresh and innovative ideas into our events. She’s the creative spark that adds a unique touch to everything we do.

Our unique approach

Want to Feel Like a True "Haut-Savoyard"? Let ALPINA Be Your Guide and Share All Its Secrets with You!

Whether you’ve settled in the Lake Annecy area and are looking for exciting intercultural experiences, hoping to expand your network, or just seeking the best local insider tips to solve everyday challenges, it’s not always as straightforward and swift as it seems.

That’s where we step in to address your concerns and make your integration smoother.

Drawing from our own mobility experiences, extensive knowledge of the region, and a network of expert contacts, as ambassadors of Haute-Savoie, we’re here to listen, advise, and assist you in becoming a part of this region we hold so dear!

Every situation is unique, so we invite you to join a multicultural, joyful, dynamic, and epicurean network. Connect with people who, like you, have faced challenges or have a desire to explore the region, its customs, and its culture, all with the aim of quickly feeling comfortably integrated while making wonderful connections along the way!

Our commitment

Giving you the keys to successul integration and creating the connections you need !


An endless curiosity to explore a multitude of cultures through passionate and intense exchanges, to introduce you to our magnificent region in all its aspects, and to share with you all our connections so that you can find the high-quality services you need!  





WE PROMISE to provide practical solutions to the challenges faced by newcomers from abroad in our region, within a community that has experienced similar challenges, all while expanding your network and sense of belonging to a new environment/region.

Our Values